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Become a 3G Career Coach

Your journey to being a Futuristic | IR 4.0 | COVID-19 | New Age Career Coach

3G Advanced program is a 100% practical approach designed to suit the COVID-19 scenario and working from home model.15 days of ultimate transformation into a personal brand. Say NO to theory!

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Why 3G Me Life Advanced Program?

  • Simple, we believe in action and not theory. This program is 100% practically designed for a work from home model to suit the lockdown situation.
  • 85% of Jobs that will exist in 2030 haven’t been invented yet. We are building Career Coaches for the New Age Era, for jobs that don’t even exist yet.
  • We stand by our vision of Building India to Serve the World, why wouldn’t you not want to be a part of a Social Cause?
  • 3G is a Futuristic Ed-Tech Company planning for 20 years ahead, So do you want to work with a company that is on survival stage or a company that is planning for the upcoming generation?

What Can you Expect from 3G?

Plug & Play Business Model Designed for COVID-19 Scenario.

3G will be providing all tools required for Career Coaching including branding kit, psychometric tools, Learning resources, presentations & website. You will be fully equipped to begin your Career coaching journey right after 3G Advanced Program.

AI Driven Psychometric Test Engine

This engine was created after 10 years of in-depth R&D on the World Educational Ecosystem

Learning Management System

Online training materials and video lectures of the most updated content.

100 Free Plug & Play Presentations

Presentations for K-12, Higher education, Education-abroad, Working-class, Corporates etc.

200 Free E-books library

Several books will be given including topics of Career counselling, education etc

Official Website

3G and you will work together to make your website live. Website is the face of your organisation.


You will create your own blogs and upload them. Blogs is an effective way to build brand awareness and drive traffic to your website.


3G and you will work together to create your own Brochure. Brochure will explain your services for the clients.

Free Webinar

You will conduct your free webinar in the advanced program. This program will be an opportunity for people to recognise you.

Marketing Graphics & Video

Basic marketing graphics and videos will be provided to kick-start your journey.

Career Coaching Marketing Tools

3G Ultimate Transformation

Personal Branding Package

Profile Video

This is important for people to understand more about you and your expertise. It will pop up when clients search your name.


Blogs is an effective way to build brand awareness and drive traffic to your website.

Online Interview

We will help you create an interview for personal profiling where you are interviewed by a third person.

Awards & Recognition

All this will allow to build a better personal brand, which is authentic and transparent to clients.

Social Media

Social media will all be polished as it’s the only way for people to reach out to you.

Graphic Designs

3G will support in all initial graphics required to kick start your career guidance journey.

200+ E-Book Library


Social Media Profiles

We will not be having physical gatherings any time soon, social media is very essential for online networking. No Social Media is equivalent to non-existent on earth!

  • Facebook page
  • Display Picture
  • Cover Photo
  • Featured Section
  • Life Events
  • Youtube Banner
  • Teaser Video
  • Marketing Video
  • Profile Video
  • Online Interview
  • Banner Image
  • 30 recommendation
  • 30-40 Endorsements
  • LinkedIn 1000 Connections
  • Perfect Display Photo
  • Powerful BIO
  • First 10 Post
  • 1 IGTV & Reels
  • Personal Hashtag

Who should apply for 3G Advanced Program?

Anyone can be a Career Coach, 3G Has done research for the past 10 years and assembled 20 years worth of Frequently Asked Questions, which has automated the process. Any individual will be able to plug into our software and get all answers within a click! Hence anyone can be a Career Coach. However, most preferred backgrounds are :-

  • Freshers from any Background (Conditions Apply*)
  • Psychology, Clinical Psychology, Bachelor of Social work and Master of Social work graduates
  • Principals, Teachers, Lecturers, faculty and other Educationists
  • Career Counsellors, Psychologists, Coaches & Education Consultants
  • Motivational Speakers, Trainers, HR Professionals, Consultants & Business Coaches

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