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Career Planning

Plan your Future Career

The process of career planning is very important while choosing a career as every individual will have a lot of expectations while entering the world of work. Having said, the experience in reality might be far different from what one had envisaged, as one can’t fully predict the future. Now-a-days almost no one wishes to continue the same work across their entire life. That’s one of the core reasons why the process of career planning becomes an absolute necessity.

Psychometric Tests

Scientifically Designed Psychometric Tests

A Psychometric Test assessment is scientific method designed to measure an individual’s suitability for a specific role or career, based on his/her interests, aptitude, intelligence, knowledge, personality, skills, motivation, values, and other related factors. One of the key benefits of a Psychometric Test is that it enhances the level of awareness of an individual. A reliable and valid psychometric test can evaluate an individual and provide an objective measure of his/her characteristics and abilities. Psychometric tests are the best possible way to decode mental capabilities and behavior.

Psychometric Test Reports

Comprehensive and Interactive

Comprehensive and Interactive Psychometric Test Reports gives you an objective measure of your suitability for a specific role or career based on your interests, aptitude, intelligence, knowledge, personality, skills, motivation, values and other related factors. It can also give you your best fit stream, branch and career matches based on the assessment.

Career Counselling

Get personalised Career Counselling from our experts

Career counseling plays a vital role in not only choosing your stream or branch of study and the career you would like to pursue. For working professions in their 20s, 30s or even 40s and 50s, career counselling can help in changing one’s current career path for a more suitable one. A career counselor can wear different hats and could play the role of a therapist, life coach or even a volunteer. They are professionally trained to provide guidance to choose right stream, branch and career.

Career Guidance

Get Personalised Career Guidance From Our Experts

Career Guidance involves continuous monitoring of an individual’s progress in his/her career and provides suggestions to improve the performance in alignment with career goals. An ongoing career guidance intervention can help an individual to attain social, financial and emotional well-being throughout life.

Career Exploration

Explore most popular Career Fields

Career exploration helps an individual to closely explore various occupations, the requirements to be engaged in them and details about the job descriptions. While career guidance helps an individual in terms of which specific path to take, career exploration gives an idea about how the path actually looks like and what to expect while walking the chosen path.

Study in India

Explore most popular course and colleges in India

India is one of among the top destinations for higher education in the world, as it offers a plethora of great career options. Bachelors’ degree in courses not only in arts, sciences and commerce but a range of creative courses like fashion, design, animation, film making and tourism too are on offer. Several masters’ degree in fields like mass media, business administration, nanotechnology, artificial intelligence, data analytics and machine learning are offered too.

World class autonomous institutions like the IITs and IIMs in India may be too competitive to get admissions into but the reward of getting into one can’t be measured in terms of the value they offer and the potential transformation they can bring to one’s life and career. That is why thousands of students from more and more countries around the world are considering India as a highly viable option for higher studies.

Study Abroad

Explore study opportunities abroad

Studying abroad gives you the opportunity to explore and visit new places and immerse yourself in the culture of the country you go for higher studies. While the decision to study abroad may involve you leaving your home and stepping into an unchartered territory, your growth as a person coupled with the experience of living out of your home country will open far more opportunities than studying in your home country.