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Era of Disruption due to Artificial Intelligence in major Industires by Dr. Sreya MBBS

69% of the Indian jobs and 80% of jobs around the world will be automated before 2030 according to World Bank. This educational video is a result of years of research on the global economy and future of work in collaboration with the academicians from Harvard University, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, IITs and IIMs. ,

5 Great Mistakes while selecting a Career

Here are the “5 Great Mistakes” that we make while following a “conventional way” of career selection. Incase you are a student, you can take precaution now before you attempt any of these mistakes or if you are someone who already chose a career, better late than never to realise. If you are doing happily in life, Well done!

New Age Careers for Millenials & Gen-Z

This is a mix of some of the newest, popular and trending futuristic career options the world has to offer right now. Before you follow a conventional career, do your research and check all your available options!

What is Career?

3G Has defined a new meaning for Career and why it’s very important in your life. Watch the video to learn more.

The identities of life and why is Career so Important?

This video unfolds how the occupation identity is the most important more than any other identity. It also talks about how these identify impacts the society around you and how it can be detrimental.