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Me Life, Decode your Inborn Potential™️

Words of Our Chairman

Each human life is born with unimaginable potential. Signals of which are encoded with their genetic constitution. The heredity, as you know, what gets coded together before birth is not a controllable factor, however ‘how to tame coded-potential’ is indeed a possibility. The Challenge lies in the fact that neither the person nor his/her own parents can identify this coded-inborn potential to its fullest depth, and thus it creates a mystery around human nature.

The Coded - Inborn Potential can be identified …Tamed! And Enriched! And produce unimaginable results, By activating it’s interaction with the environment through a well-defined learning exposure and a series of meaningful well-directed life-experiences. Unless this happens, the ultimate satisfaction; the ultimate happiness stands beyond reality.

‘3G Me Life: Decode your IP’ of Mission 3G (Build India to Serve the World) aims at making life’s journey towards ‘Ultimate Happiness’ possible, by helping one ‘Unleash the Inborn Potential’ right from the formative years of your life all the way until you grow-up to become a better Educated, Enlightened, Enriched and Empowered citizen, capable to build yourself, your family, your society & your Nation - into a meaningful world, as a whole. The Project not only keen on identifying the inborn potential but also to find a process to decode it according to our real-life needs.

- Dr. Sahid Cholayil

Our Chairman’s definition

Life is a learning process. Learning is a life-long process. An ideal educational ecosystem guides a learner in the right path of gaining valuable knowledge. 3G's Vision of "Adding Value to Billions" is committed to creating a truly educational experience. An ideal educational ecosystem inspiring Billions of Human Life to find the true inborn potential encoded in each Human Mind.